Redring Redring Glow Electric Shower 10.5Kw White RGS10

The powerful combination of attractive design features, ease of installation makes an appealing package for both installers and homeowners. Featuring a 5 mode showerhead, chrome accents and a digital display which is hidden until lit. Glow also gives you the additional benefit of phased shutdown anti-scaling technology.The Glow shower is SmartFit which allows cables to enter the unit from six different locations and eight different entry points for the water pipe. This shower has a twin terminal block for left or right hand wiring. 3 power settings; Cold, Eco and High Power Selections. The Redring Glow electric shower requires a cold mains feed. Redring offer peace of mind with a three year warranty.

Please note this shower is not a direct replacement for the Galaxy Aqua 4000si shower but is the closest, recommend unit.

Redring Glow Electric Shower 10.5Kw White RGS10
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