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Free shipping for orders over £120*

BG Evolve Matt Black

BG Evolve Matt Black

The newest range of switches and sockets from BG Evolve, featuring a black frame and made from polycarbonate material. This could be a significant development in electrical accessories, especially for those looking for a modern aesthetic.

Polycarbonate is known for its durability and resistance to impact, making it a suitable material choice for switches and sockets that are subject to regular use. The black frame likely adds a sleek and contemporary look, potentially appealing to consumers who prefer modern design elements in their living spaces.

The "evolve" branding suggests that these switches and sockets may come with advanced features or technologies, although specifics would depend on the product line and any innovations introduced by BG.

Overall, this new range seems to offer both style and functionality, catering to consumers who seek both aesthetics and reliability in their electrical accessories.

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